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Casey Meets World

This is the true story of...

Casey Nicole
3 May
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Casey Nicole
Kernersville, NC
19 Years Old

- College -
Appalachian State University ^ Junior
used to be UNCGreensboro

- Major -
"Apparel Design and Marketing"
aka: fashion design
- Minor -

Dance, Traveling, Music, Friendship, Love, Learning, Art, Photography, Fashion, Sewing, Clothing, Talking, CVP, Colorguard, Winterguard, Movies, ....

Betrayl, Selfishness, Prejudice, Ignorance, Homework, Insects, ex-friends, using people, ....

Love me for what I am, Not what I pretend to be!

I'm a SoCo Ho!!, hehe

Things To Do Before I Die:
-Get A Tattoo
-Lose Weight
-Backpack Across Europe
-Visit India
-Go to Mardi Gras
-Fly on a Plane
-Go Skydiving
-Get Married
-Live All Over
-Go Sailing
-Hiking through the mountains
-Open my own clothing store
-Go to Vegas
-Live in NYC
-Visit Across Africa *S.Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, ect.*
-Play in all the oceans
-Teach someone something important
....more to be added when I feel like it!

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"Can I be your memory?" -SUGARCULT...warped tour 2004!

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